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5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line

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Experience a new era of lighting solutions with the 5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line fixtures. Tailored for the discerning user, these fixtures boast a design that marries sleek aesthetics with robust fire-resistant construction, ensuring adherence to the most stringent safety protocols.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, the 5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line is extremely versatile. Brighten kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, or elevate the ambiance in lobbies, hallways, banquet halls, and elevators. Their finesse also extends to retail outlets, restaurants, and office spaces.

Features at a Glance:

    • Fire Protection: Built with a 2-hour fire rating, emphasizing safety.
    • Customizable Lighting: Comes with TRIAC dimmable capabilities, giving you control over illumination intensity.
    • Wide Beam Spread: A 120° beam ensures comprehensive lighting coverage.
    • Color Options: Toggle between color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K to get your desired ambiance.
    • Lumen Output: The 5CCT Fire Rated Downlight provides two versatile options for brightness. The 4-inch model emits 880 lumens, while the 6-inch model offers a higher output at 1100 lumens.
    • Secure Installation: Furnished with two spring-loaded clips, ensuring compatibility with all ceiling materials.
    • Finish and Accessories: Standard white finish, with options for brushed nickel, black, oil-rubbed bronze, and copper trim rings (sold separately).
    • Environmental Suitability: Designed for wet locations, making it a reliable choice for moisture-prone areas.
    • Efficient Operations: Directly connects to a 120V power supply, with an optional 347V step-down transformer.
    • Warranty & Certifications: A 5-year limited warranty, alongside cETLus and Energy Star listings, assures quality and safety.

With the 5CCT fire-rated thin line fixtures, experience illumination that’s not only captivating but also compliant with top-tier safety standards. Choose brilliance; choose safety.

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Product Code DL-FR-5CCT-4-WH
Colour Temperature 5-position switch for colour temperature
adjustment 2700K / 3000K / 3500K /
4000K / 5000K
Input Voltage 120V AC
Output Power (W) 12/15W
Lumens 800/1100LM (size and CCT dependant)
CRI 90+
Life Span (hours) 50,000
Dimmable with TRIAC dimmers
Beam Angle 120º
Limited Warranty 5 years
Limited Warranty 5 years
Approvals cETLus, Energy Star
5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Accessories_Trim Rings


Trim Rings For 5 CCT Fire Rated Thin Line
[YY=BK (Black), BZ (Rubber Oil Bronze), BN (Brushed Nickel), CP (Copper)]

5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Accessories_Trim Rings


Trim Rings For 5 CCT Fire Rated Thin Line
[YY=BK (Black), BZ (Rubber Oil Bronze), BN (Brushed Nickel), CP (Copper)]

5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Beauty Ring



5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Beauty Ring



5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Construction Plates


Construction Plates

5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line_Construction Plates


Construction Plates

Applications of the 5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line Fixtures —

    • Kitchens & Pantries:
      Adjustable color temperatures for various tasks; fire-resistant for safe cooking.
    • Laundry Rooms:
      120° beam spread for even lighting; suitable for moist environments.
    • Bathrooms:
      Adjust for ambient or task lighting; wet location listed for durability.
    • Lobbies:
      Wide beam for welcoming atmospheres; highlights architectural details.
    • Hallways:
      Even lighting with 120° beam spread; reduces shadows for safe navigation.
    • Elevators:
      Compact design for small spaces; ensures safe and well-lit rides.
    • Retail Lighting:
      90CRI for true product colors; adjustable tones to highlight details.
    • Restaurants:
      Mood lighting for dining experiences; versatile for various ambiances.
    • Offices:
      Consistent lighting for workspaces; fire-rated for added safety.
Product Category CCTCCT

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