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Field-Cuttable 120V AC eStrip: Available Now!

Introducing the "120V AC eStrip" by Magic Lite – the ultimate solution for customizable and adaptable lighting. Designed with the professional in mind, this field-cuttable strip light offers unparalleled flexibility for both short and extended applications, up to 164 feet. Perfect for precise installations, the eStrip allows cuts every 4 inches, ensuring a tailored fit for any setting from kitchen under-cabinets to expansive architectural outlines.

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Brighter Horizons: Magic Lite’s Landscape Lighting Collection to Transform Outdoor Spaces

From vibrant uplights to discreet pathway lighting, Magic Lite’s latest offerings encompass a full spectrum of landscape lighting solutions. Each product is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring that your projects not only look good but also meet rigorous performance standards.

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Wall Washers: The Unsung Heroes of Lighting Design

Wall washers are a sophisticated tool in the lighting designer's arsenal, designed to emit a uniform light across a surface, minimizing shadows and highlighting textures, patterns, and colors. This article aims to shed light on less commonly discussed aspects of wall washer lighting, its applications in both interior and exterior environments, and how Magic Lite’s specific wall washer offerings can add substantial value to professional lighting projects.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Fire Rated Down Lights for Electrical Professionals

Traditional downlights have been a mainstay in installations for their sleek design and solid functionality; however, underneath their polished appearance lies a significant flaw: a compromise in fire safety. These fixtures are prone to rapid heating, posing risks to insulation and nearby flammable materials. More importantly, their installation techniques can jeopardize ceiling integrity, creating pathways for fire to spread unintendedly. This is where the innovation of fire rated recessed lights comes into play.

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Magic Lite Welcomes Matthew Curtis as New Product Manager

Magic Lite (and NSL), recognized for innovation in lighting solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Matthew Curtis as the new Product Manager. Bringing a wealth of experience, Matthew joins Magic Lite with an impressive background in product development and management. 

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The Compact 10-Inch 5CCT LED Task Bar: Bridging Functionality and Space Efficiency

Addressing the demand for space-savvy lighting solutions, the 10-Inch 5CCT LED Task Bar sets new standards for efficiency and versatility. Ideal for narrow spaces, this undercabinet lighting solution offers optimized lumen output, energy efficiency, durability, and safety certification.

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Elevating safety, style, and design: Magic Lite introduces innovative Fire Rated Thin Line fixture

Burlington Ontario, October 31st 2023 – Magic Lite, a trailblazer in the lighting industry for over 38 years, is poised to revolutionize perceptions of fire-rated fixtures. Our new product, the 5CCT Fire Rated Thin Line fixture, not only adheres to the stringent 2-hour fire rating requirements for multi-story buildings across Canada but also offers industry-leading […]

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Chatham Bridge to be lit up every night of the year

Chatham's Third Street Bridge has transformed into a nightly spectacle, thanks to the recent installation of vibrant LED lighting. As part of a $14 million bridge rehabilitation project, the lights, powered by Magic Lite's RGB eStrip and DMX controllers, offer a dynamic display of colors.

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A match made in (lighting) heaven

Layering multiple lighting solutions is a great way to create the right mood while also ensuring a space is safe and lit appropriately for the task or activity that will take place there. We combined multiple Magic Lite products to share examples of how to create functional, cohesive and enjoyable spaces.

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