120V AC eStrip

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The field-cuttable 120V AC LED eStrip emerges as a robust, flexible lighting solution tailored for a wide array of environments including residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Its design enables direct connection to a 120V AC power supply, streamlining the installation process by eliminating the need for an additional driver, which is a key advantage for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Features Overview:

  • Direct 120V AC Input: Allows for straightforward electrical connectivity without an additional driver.
  • Lighting Efficiency: High lumens output and power factor (PF) ensure bright and efficient illumination.
  • Built-in Protection: Features include a constant current design, overvoltage protection, and thermal management through current reduction at high temperatures (Maximum ambient working temperature: 55°C), advising a usage limit of no more than 6 continuous hours (at 55°C).
  • Dimming Capability: Compatible with TRIAC dimmers, offering adjustable lighting options.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed to connect directly with line voltage, simplifying the setup process. Comes with bare power cords for easier electrical connections.
  • Environmental Tolerance: Operates within an ambient temperature range of -20 to 42°C (-4 to 107°F) and utilizes an IP65 rated PVC extrusion process for durability.
  • Length Flexibility: Supports a minimum cut length of 4 inches and a maximum run length of 164FT.
  • Certification and Warranty: ETL certification ensures compliance with safety standards, accompanied by a warranty of 5 years for indoor and 3 years for outdoor use.

This LED strip is designed to meet a broad range of lighting needs, providing an effective and durable solution for creating visually appealing and well-lit environments.

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Product code ES-120V-27K-164FT ES-120V-30K-164FT ES-120V-40K-164FT
Electrical Input Voltage 120V AC
Power Consumption 4W/Ft
Specs Colour Temperature 2700K 3000K 4000K
Lumen Output 280LM/Ft 300LM/Ft 340LM/Ft
CRI 90+
Dimmable Yes
LED Type SMD2835
Life Span 30,000 hours
Spacing N/A
# per foot (304mm) 18LEDs
Design Dimensions .79” W (20mm)
Max Single Run Length 50M (164 Ft)
Custom Cuttable Cuttable every 10CM (3 15/16”)
Approved Location Indoor/Outdoor
Warranty 5 years warranty indoor use; 3 years warranty outdoor use
Approvals cETLus


Mounting clips (Bag of 10)

Accessory - Jumper





8Ft Power cord

Accessory - 5Ft Power cord with plug


5Ft Power cord with plug



End cap (Indoor & Outdoor)



4ft Aluminum extrusion

Product Category 120V120V

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