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LED Tape Light Offers Endless Possibility for a Variety of Applications

If you want to see the effect of a lighting solution – but not the source itself – LED Strip Series Tape Light is a great option. Low-profile, flexible, and offered in a variety of lumen packages and colour temperatures, it is also dimmable, with the added benefit of adjustable CCT colour temperature and the ability to transition through millions of colours with the RGB or RGBW solutions.

For these reasons, this versatile product lends itself to a myriad of applications in commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential locations. Some examples:

Considered for: elevator lobbies, corridors, boardrooms, cafeterias

These are usually installed as indirect lighting within coves but can also be integrated into linear sections running horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Typically considering our Low Power or High Power (Higher Ceilings, Darker Surfaces etc.) dimmable and dedicated colour temperatures to suit or match other lighting in the space.

Cafeterias/lobbies typically allow for more playful consideration and may introduce RGB/RGBW solutions to create a more dynamic and inviting space to spend some down time.


Considered for: lobbies, corridors, meeting rooms and restaurants. Integration into furniture, our COB, Chip on Board, offers pixel free illumination, as shown here.

Wall grazing (especially textured or stone facia) are all possible with High Density LED Linear Tape Light – and a great way to provide high vertical illumination.

Low Power Tape is a popular choice for coves and corridors providing a comfortable ambient illumination. A Dim to Warm option provides a cozy and inviting incandescent feel in a restaurant setting. The choice of RGB/RGBW are an excellent solution for multifunction meeting rooms offering the user the freedom to create their own mood within the space.


Consider it for: display cabinets and other areas where discrete, high illumination is required, and great colour rendering is desired. High Density or High Efficacy works well here.


Considered for: cove lighting, a backlit solution for washrooms, especially around mirrors. Dim to warm and low power are typically used for these types of residential applications.

Considered for: deck lighting, gazebos, pergolas while allowing the option of static (single) colour or RGB for added effects.

Not sure how to achieve your desired effect using our Strip Series Tape Light? We can help! Click here for an overview of how to select the right Linear LED Tape Light product for your project, which includes five key considerations plus a link to our handy flowchart.

In addition to the flowchart, we are proud to introduce an LED Tape Demo case, which features 15 samples that can be individually controlled and dimmed – a great way to see these products and their controls in action!

For more information on our full range of LED Strip Series Tape Light options – or for help determining which is best for your project – please feel free to contact your local Sales Agent or a member of our Customer Care team.

In business since 1985, Magic Lite is proud to provide top-quality architectural and specialty lighting products for the Canadian market – backed by unparalleled customer service.

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