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Field-Cuttable 120V AC eStrip: Available Now!

Introducing the "120V AC eStrip" by Magic Lite – the ultimate solution for customizable and adaptable lighting. Designed with the professional in mind, this field-cuttable strip light offers unparalleled flexibility for both short and extended applications, up to 164 feet. Perfect for precise installations, the eStrip allows cuts every 4 inches, ensuring a tailored fit for any setting from kitchen under-cabinets to expansive architectural outlines.

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Brighter Horizons: Magic Lite’s Landscape Lighting Collection to Transform Outdoor Spaces

From vibrant uplights to discreet pathway lighting, Magic Lite’s latest offerings encompass a full spectrum of landscape lighting solutions. Each product is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring that your projects not only look good but also meet rigorous performance standards.

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Wall Washers: The Unsung Heroes of Lighting Design

Wall washers are a sophisticated tool in the lighting designer's arsenal, designed to emit a uniform light across a surface, minimizing shadows and highlighting textures, patterns, and colors. This article aims to shed light on less commonly discussed aspects of wall washer lighting, its applications in both interior and exterior environments, and how Magic Lite’s specific wall washer offerings can add substantial value to professional lighting projects.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Fire Rated Down Lights for Electrical Professionals

Traditional downlights have been a mainstay in installations for their sleek design and solid functionality; however, underneath their polished appearance lies a significant flaw: a compromise in fire safety. These fixtures are prone to rapid heating, posing risks to insulation and nearby flammable materials. More importantly, their installation techniques can jeopardize ceiling integrity, creating pathways for fire to spread unintendedly. This is where the innovation of fire rated recessed lights comes into play.

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Lighting: Improving Wellness and Productivity at Home

Lighting plays a key role in how to work at home productively and also transition psychologically between our professional and personal lives. Here we explore how to create a human-centred lighting system for your home.

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Applying the art to architectural outdoor lighting

How can buildings inspire a sense of community and culture even by night? Ellen Godson, LC, IES, explains how the latest lighting trends are creating a sense of architainment 24/7.

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How to use lighting to make your backyard an oasis

Investment in outdoor spaces is booming across the country. How do you ensure you get the most enjoyment of your space? Lighting design consultant, Ellen Godson LC, IES shares how lighting can help optimize an outdoor space.

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Bright Ideas in Exterior Lighting

How about some exterior lighting inspiration? Click through to see three innovative and interesting examples of lighting being used to create interest and enhance outdoor spaces.

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LED Tape Light Offers Endless Possibility for a Variety of Applications

LED Strip Series Tape Light is a fantastic solution if you want a lighting effect without a visible source. It lends itself to a myriad of applications in commercial, hospitality, retail and residential locations. Here are a few of our favourite examples.

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