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How to Select the Right Linear LED Tape Light Product

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes have now become part of the public lexicon. They have eclipsed traditional lighting sources and have become the “standard” for majority of lighting applications.

However, Linear LEDs (Tape Light) come in many configurations, lumen packages, colour temperatures and colour changing (RGB/RGBW) options. They also work well in several different environments such as interior, exterior, dry, damp and wet locations.

How to select the right LED Tape Light

The key to successfully matching the correct LED (Tape Light) product is understanding the following:

  1. What’s the application?
  2. Where is the product being placed or situated?
    Cove, Display, undercabinet, etc.?
  3. Do I require a single colour, tunable (Dynamic CCT “White Colour”) or colour changing (RGB/RGBW)? 
    What effect or “look” am I trying to achieve?
  4. Will this product be controlled via a wall switch, handheld controller or some synchronized wireless control (WIFI/Bluetooth)?
    Is this to be integrated with a larger central system or will be independent?
  5. Are there certain lighting requirements that I must meet?
    What illuminance level or colour rendering do I require?

While this may seem daunting, there are tools available to help navigate and successfully choose the correct Linear LED (Tape Light) product for your application. For example, Magic Lite offers a handy flowchart with alphanumeric guide, which you can view and download here.

Examples of the flowchart in action

1. Interior Application: Retail establishment, cove and niche lighting requiring ability to tune white light and offer variable control on colour and intensity.
Best choice would be the B3, or CCT, corelated colour temperature.
Flowchart navigation:
Indoor, dynamic, CCT, retail. B3 allows you to select the correct Driver and the controller. The LT-031-RF allows for handheld control for dimming and colour tuning variation. Datasheets provide more detailed information from our website. 
B3 also shows a gradient colour icon for reference.

2. Exterior Application: Exterior soffit with ability for colour changing, typical 35 ft run. Gentle glow required. Desired control via WIFI through a phone APP.
Flowchart navigation: Best Choice would be D3, Outdoor, dynamic, RGB low power tape, good for 40 ft run on a single driver, with non dimmable driver, LN CON WIFI 3CH XV, controller allows for dimming and colour change via a WIFI phone App. D3 also displays a Rainbow and Wet Location icons for easy reference.

Enjoy the journey and have full confidence in selecting the proper Linear LED Tape. If you require assistance or would like to move forward with an order, our local Sales Agent and Customer Service team will be happy to develop a complete bill of material/price to assure that all material and components align to suit job site requirements and layout of the project. 

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

In business since 1985, Magic Lite is proud to provide top-quality architectural and specialty lighting products for the Canadian market – backed by unparalleled customer service.

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