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Magic Lite Goes Off Grid on The Magnetawan River

Imagine waking up every day to the tranquil beauty of nature, knowing your home doesn’t just sit on the earth—it partners with it. That’s the dream Barry and Lorraine Burton made real on the banks of the Magnetawan River.

With over 25 years in the lighting industry, Barry’s retirement project was nothing short of revolutionary: a fully off-the-grid home illuminated by the brilliance of Magic Lite.

Beyond the Grid: A Home Embraced by Nature

The Burton’s home is a marvel tucked away in the Municipality of Ryerson, proving that comfort doesn’t have to compromise sustainability.

This cozy yet spacious retreat spans 1,250 sq ft, with an additional loft for storage, all powered by the sun. Yes, you heard that right. This home runs on a finely tuned solar system engineered by Barry himself, leveraging his extensive experience in low-voltage lighting, alongside Independent Energy Solutions’ Mike Murray.

Magic Lite Lighting Solutions_Barry Burton House_Off the Grid

Powering the Vision: Solar Energy and Storage

The cornerstone of the Burtons’ off-grid home is its solar energy system, designed to capture and store enough power for all household needs. A combination of 6 X 340 Watt 60-cell and 3 X 450 watt 72-cell solar panels feeds into a 24 Volt DC (4 X 6 VDC) 10 KW Rolls Battery bank, managed via a MIDNITE CLASSIC 200 Controller. A separate 24 Volt DC leg off the batteries powers the 12 gauge 24 Volt wiring throughout the house. 

Living the Dream, Sustainably

Everything in the Burtons’ home, from the fridge to the water pump, and yes, the entire lighting system, runs off this solar-powered 24 Volt DC grid. Despite being off the grid, the Burtons’ home meets all modern comforts and regulatory standards. It includes a backup 120-volt system powered through a 3KW Schneider Context SW 4024 Inverter for the AC outlets and a Generac standby generator for emergencies.

Magic Lite Illuminates Off-Grid Living

Now, let’s talk about what lights up the Burtons’ world: Magic Lite’s innovative LED lighting solutions. Due to the 24 Volt DC wiring, power supplies for the low voltage lighting were not required, reducing costs.

Master Bedroom: A Symphony of Light

The master bedroom is lit by a Single 4 ft Hard Strip 24 VDC, 16 watts (LV-HS-PD20-24V-120-3000K), providing a warm, comforting glow that’s just right for winding down. For times when power needs to be conserved, there’s a standby Luminaire 120 VAC surface mount 8’’, 14 watts (LVLDL-SR-08-BZ-WW).

The Great Room: Where Stories Unfold

The great room, a central hub for relaxation and social gatherings, features a Wooden Horse Yoke Chandelier and Cove Lighting, enveloping the space in a warm, inviting glow. The strategic placement of lighting accentuates the room’s unique features, creating a welcoming ambiance for all who enter.

Magic Lite Lighting Solutions_Barry Burton House_West Wall

Image of the west wall: Features a Custom Wooden Horse Yoke Chandelier (custom built by Barry) with 13 Globe Lights 24 VDC, 2700K, 0.5 watts each (MGST-2700K), alongside Cove Lighting with LED Tape Light 24 VDC, 4.3 watts per foot (LP5060-60-3000).

Magic Lite Lighting Solutions_Barry Burton House_East Wall_Off the Grid

Image of Graphic on the east wall: It is illuminated by a Single strip COB Tape Light 24 VDC, 4.2 watts per foot (LP-COB378-24-2700), demonstrating Magic Lite’s versatility in decorative and functional lighting.

Loft: Creativity Meets Efficiency

Barry’s loft space is illuminated by a custom chandelier made from horse hames, adorned with Globe Lights (MGST-2700K), adding a touch of rustic charm. Additional lighting is provided by Single 4 ft Hard Strips (LV-HS-PD20-24V-120-3000K) for both downlight and uplight, ensuring the loft is a versatile space for storage or creative endeavors.

Kitchen: Where Magic Happens

The kitchen shines under the glow of a refurbished rod iron candle chandelier, equipped with LED Mini Star II puck lights (LEDMS-II-BK), turning every meal into an event. Over the sink, a Single 4 ft Hard Strip ensures that every chop and stir is done under the best light possible.

Magic Lite Lighting Solutions_Barry Burton House_Kitchen_Under Cabinet_Off the Grid
Sustainable Materials

All interior beams in the Burtons’ home came from Simcoe County managed forest, the largest municipal forest in Canada. This adds another layer of sustainability to their off-grid living.

The Takeaway: A Model for Future Homes

Barry and Lorraine Burton’s off-the-grid home on the Magnetawan River isn’t just a personal achievement; it’s a blueprint for environmentally conscious living. It showcases how integrating solar power with Magic Lite’s LED lighting solutions can create a home that’s both beautiful and sustainable. For those dreaming of their own off-grid escape or looking to reduce their environmental footprint, the Burtons’ home serves as a shining example of what’s possible.

As we look towards a future where sustainability becomes increasingly crucial, stories like the Burtons’ remind us that with the right technology and a bit of ingenuity, living off the grid can be as comfortable and illuminating as any conventional home. Magic Lite’s innovations in LED lighting play a pivotal role in this transition, offering a glimpse into a brighter, greener future for all.

NOTE: This article is designed to both inform and motivate lighting professionals to delve into the possibilities of off-grid living, utilizing low or zero voltage lighting, and harnessing solar energy.

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