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The Compact 10-Inch 5CCT LED Task Bar: Bridging Functionality and Space Efficiency

Burlington Ontario, January 18th 2024 – Addressing the rising demand for 5CCT space-savvy lighting solutions, Magic Lite, a leading innovator in the electrical lighting sector, is thrilled to launch the 10-inch 5CCT LED Task Bar. This undercabinet lighting solution is poised to make life easier for contractors, architects, and lighting professionals operating in narrow spaces, as well as distributors looking to minimize SKUs.

“The introduction of the 10-inch Task Bar embodies our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients, having one product suit multiple colour temperature demands ,” states Tom Penton, the President of Magic Lite.

Highlights of the 10-Inch 5CCT Task Bar:

  • Optimized for Small Spaces: At just 10 inches in length (9.72 inches to be precise), this 5CCT LED Task Bar is an ideal solution for installations under 12” sized cabinetry or other narrow areas.
  • Balanced Lumen Output and Energy Efficiency: With a lumen output of 290Lm and an efficacy of 82.8 LM/W, the 10-inch Task Bar provides efficient illumination while consuming only 3.5W of power. This balance of lumen output and energy efficiency makes it a cost-effective choice for various applications.
  • Durability and Reliability at the Core: Constructed from robust aluminum body and an acrylic lense, this lighting solution is built to endure. With a remarkable life span of 35,000 hours and a 3-year warranty, it minimizes the need for replacements, saving both time and resources.
  • Certified for Safety: This product carries the cETLus certification, a testament to its compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards, offering peace of mind to users.

Magic Lite’s Vice President, Jen Penton, sums it up succinctly, saying, “We’ve listened to the folks in the industry who needed something small yet diverse, efficient, and reliable. The 10-Inch LED Task Bar is our answer.”

For more information about the 10-inch 5CCT LED Task Bar and how it can elevate your projects, please visit our product page at:

About Magic Lite:

With a legacy of over 38 years, Magic Lite is a trusted name in the lighting industry, recognized for its dedication to innovation and design. The company continues to lead the way in providing lighting solutions that elevate spaces while emphasizing efficiency and reliability.

About the Author:

Jennifer Penton, Vice President of Business Development, is a dynamic professional with a passion for marketing and a commitment to excellence. She believes in the power of creativity and innovation to drive success in the lighting industry and is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Magic Lite.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Magic Lite.

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