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Lighting: Improving Wellness and Productivity at Home

Home offices aren’t just a trend; they’re the new normal. Lighting plays a key role when it comes to working productively at home and transitioning between our professional and personal lives.

Setting up a human-centred lighting system with a cooler colour temperature in the morning and warmer temperature in the evening can help regulate our circadian rhythm, improve sleep better and result in more productive energy throughout the day. Our LED Regressed Down Light CCT is a great way to achieve this, thanks to its colour adjustment capabilities, which are controlled by switching or Bluetooth.

Whether you have a dedicated home office with a desk or if your workspace is an extension of your kitchen, an under cabinet light provides targeted lighting that offers personalized colour temperature control for whether you’re working on your computer or reading. Because they’re available in many sizes, these under cabinet lights can make themselves useful in any home office set-up.

That said, lighting your home office needs to factor in more than just direct task lighting. To make that Zoom call more flattering, a disc light mounted in the floor gives your background ambiance and fills in dark spaces and strip lights make installing indirect lighting – that mimics natural light – throughout the home easy.

Brighter spaces tend to feel healthier, improving our waking hours no matter how we’re spending them. By carefully considering the lighting throughout your home, it can be a space conducive for both working and recharging from home.

For help with lighting to support your working environment at home, please feel free to contact your local Sales Agent or a member of our Customer Care team.

PS: Interested in more insight about how lighting affects wellness and productivity at home? Check out this Architect Magazine article by Murrye Bernard.

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