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A match made in (lighting) heaven

Whether your lighting project is indoors or outdoors, there is an almost limitless selection of fixture types to choose from. Selecting the right combination of products can ensure the balance between safety, illuminating a task and setting a mood.

Here’s one example of how we combine and layer products to create a functional, cohesive and enjoyable outdoor space:

Step 1: Combine the ‘Stars’ (Switch Star, Brick Star & Step Star) with in ground lighting (LED Disc Light) for wayfinding

With more outdoor spaces multi-tasking as living spaces, wayfinding has become a key component of an outdoor lighting strategy and the LED Switch Star, Brick Star and Step Star are the perfect trio for lighting every possible stair, step and surface.

The LED Gen II Brick and Step Stars are robust products – available in aluminum or stainless steel construction – that withstand salt, rain and snow. The Switch Star is a smaller version that simply mounts to a regular electrical switch box. Since it’s made from plastic, there are no corrosion issues to worry about.

The LED Disc Light is the perfect solution for in ground lighting in pathways, patios and driveways providing safety and ambience.

Step 2: Illuminate the trees for ambiance (Star Series & CCT Adjustable Mini Flood Light)

Lighting foliage can go a long way towards setting a mood and works very well with accent lighting, which makes the CCT Adjustable Mini Flood Light the perfect partner for our Star Series (step 1). It provides the flexibility to adjust the colour temperature to compliment – or contrast – the Star and Disc series accent lights and other elements of the space.

Step 3: Take it inside in adjacent indoor spaces

All of the products mentioned above can also be used indoors and leveraging them in adjacent indoor spaces is a great way to create continuity, whether you use them in the same way or differently. For example, The Disc Light mentioned in step 1 as a ground lighting solution for outdoor pathways, patios and driveways creates subtle ambient down light when mounted in the ceiling or soffits as a miniature pot light indoors.

Bonus: Easy installation. Typical pot-lights require 110 volts in the soffits, like regular light voltage wire, but the Disc Light series runs on 12 volts. So you’ve got one driver, and you’re just running low voltage wire to each fixture.

No matter what kind of space you’re creating, you can’t go wrong if you consider functionality first, followed by mood.

For help determining the best combination of products for your project or to learn more about how Magic Lite’s lighting solutions can help illuminate your next project, please feel free to contact your local Sales Agent or a member of our Customer Care team.

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