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Field-Cuttable 120V AC eStrip: Available Now!

Burlington Ontario, May 17th 2024 – Magic Lite is pleased to announce the availability of the “field-cuttable” 120V AC eStrip. Designed for professionals seeking a highly adaptable lighting solution, this product combines ease of installation with customizable lengths. The 120V AC eStrip is ideal for precision lighting installations of short or long distances (up to 164ft!), offering significant flexibility in design and use.

120V eStrip lighting solution Close up

Essential Characteristics of the 120V AC eStrip

  • Customizable Lengths for Perfect Fit: With the ability to be cut every 4 inches, the 120V AC eStrip provides exceptional adaptability, making it ideal for customized lighting solutions. Whether it’s under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen or architectural lighting along the outline of a building, the eStrip can be sized perfectly to meet any project’s specific needs.
  • Effortless Installation: The 120V AC eStrip connects directly to a 120V AC power supply, eliminating the need for an external driver or rectifier.. This simplifies installation, reducing setup time and technical challenges associated with additional components.
  • High Performance and Efficiency: The eStrip boasts a high lumen output and an excellent power factor, ensuring both bright and energy-efficient illumination. This makes it suitable for projects that require both high-quality light and energy conservation.
  • Durability and Compliance: Rated IP65, the eStrip is protected against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It complies with the highest industry standards for safety and efficiency, as evidenced by its ETL certification.
  • Dimming Compatibility: The eStrip supports dimming with TRIAC dimmers, allowing for adjustable light levels to create the right atmosphere for any space.

Specifications Highlight:

  • Minimum Cut Length: 4 inches
  • Maximum Continuous Length: 164 feet
  • Operational Temperature Range: -20 to 42°C (-4 to 107°F)
  • Safety Features: Overvoltage protection and thermal management to maintain safety and longevity.
120V eStrip Magic Lite Indoor and Outdoor Application Shots

Ideal Applications:

The 120V AC eStrip is suited for a range of applications, from enhancing commercial displays with tailored lighting to integrating into complex residential installations that require specific length adjustments on-site. Its field-cuttable nature allows architects and installers to achieve a custom-fit lighting environment efficiently.

For those involved in electrical, architectural, and construction industries, the 120V AC eStrip provides a reliable, efficient, and adaptable lighting solution that meets rigorous professional standards and diverse client expectations.

120V AC eStrip Connection Video

Curious about integrating the 120V AC eStrip into your project? See how it can be precisely cut and connected.

For more information about the robust 120V AC eStrip, check out its product page:

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