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LED High Power Flood Lights

High Power LED Flood Lights are available from 60W to 1000W and various beam angles. With the special beam profile, uniform photometric distribution and state-of-art technology the High Power Flood Light series achieves high optical efficiency. The proprietary thermal management design ensures low LED junction temperature, while maintaining an extremely lightweight design. High Power Flood Lights are cETL/us approved, selected models hold DLC approvals and are suited for outdoor flood lighting applications offering superior light quality and reliability.

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1000W 15X15

1000W 30X30

1000W 40X40

1000W 60X135

1000W 60X60

1000W 85X135

100W 15X15

100W 30X30

100W 40X40

100W 60X135

100W 60X60

100W 85X135

150W 15X15

150W 30X30

150W 40X40

150W 60X135

150W 60X60

150W 85X135

200W 15X15

200W 30X30

200W 40X40

200W 60X135

200W 60X60

200W 85X135

250W 15X15

250W 30X30

250W 40X40

250W 60X135

250W 60X60

250W 85X135

350W 15X15

350W 30X30

350W 40X40

350W 60X135

350W 60X60

350W 85X135

400W 15X15

400W 30X30

400W 40X40

400W 60X135

400W 60X60

400W 85X135

500W 15X15

500W 30X30

500W 40X40

500W 60X135

500W 60X60

500W 85X135

600W 15X15

600W 30X30

600W 40X40

600W 60X135

600W 60X60

600W 85X135

60W 15X15

60W 30X30

60W 40X40

60W 60X135

60W 60X60

60W 85X135

800W 15X15

800W 30X30

800W 40X40

800W 60X135

800W 60X60

800W 85X135

80W 15X15

80W 30X30

80W 40X40

80W 60X135

80W 60X60

80W 85X135


Unifice Controller Manual

36 Watt Wall Washer

48 Watt Wall Washer

This product is suitable for the following applications:
  • Building Facades
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Effect Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Wall Lighting
  • Wall Washing
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