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Spring season major department stores discount promotions nature a lot, but as world brands products at this time for discounts is not much. Located in Xujiahui Road 243, the balance (Hengshan mouth) Park on the first floor of the Municipal Women's Federation women's department stores in the United States are the world's first line Kam brand seasonal products placed in front of their own parallel input to a very favorable price to sell.

America are brand Kam seasonal promotions and more, including FERRAGAMO, CELINE, BALLY, GUCCI, D & G, BURBERRY, etc., more than a dozen world-renowned international one, second-tier luxury brand bags, accessories, clothing, shoes, etc., OTC basic goods for foreign and classic fashions previous quarter based models, while a small amount of seasonal goods. Its brand discount rate at 2.5-5 fold, some commodity prices have been lower than in Hong Kong during the Christmas discounts. It has been found most of the guests are often go to Hong Kong to go shopping, they feel the United States are characterized by Kam mall designer bags style a lot the price is very humane, often see some of the only limited edition issued overseas sample bag Price is also a super bargain. Mido Kam caring service, warm and thoughtful.

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